Co-Parenting Companion

Helping you Co-Parent with Simplicity, Ease and Confidence.

Separation is in no way uncommon, and yet perhaps you find yourself lost, lonely, isolated and confused. Maybe the relationship ended for excellent reasons. Maybe you didn’t see it coming. Likely, even if it was the very right thing, you find yourself overwhelmed by how horrible and harrowing the separation process can be.

You might wonder:

● Can this ever evolve into a good co-parenting relationship?

● How do we get past all the horrible stuff that’s happened?

● How do I ever get to a space when I actually want to communicate with my co-parent?

● How come I’m the only one doing all the hard work?


You want to co-parent well for the sake of your kids.

But where on earth is the energy for that supposed to come from?

Happy relaxed mother holding hands with her two daughters at the beach, sunset.
Father and his three children stand in a white, open door frame, welcoming people out of sight.

It’s not easy to be child focused and forward-looking when the past was so hurtful. You’re likely still grieving or feeling betrayed. Maybe you want to move on, but it’s just so hard to know how.

There are days you feel you’ve lost everything – even yourself.

No part of your life feels untouched.

Does this sound like you?

  • Working longer hours and seeing less of your kids just trying to balance the budget.
  • Frightened of ending up in an adversarial legal battle that focuses on a blame game,
    leaving no one wealthy other than the lawyers.
  • Worried about how your children will adjust and what the right balance is for kids who
    now live across two homes.
  • Immobilised by thoughts that you’ll never be “good enough”.

Establishing a good co-parenting relationship may feel pretty much impossible. You might not even feel like doing it at all some days. This was never the dream.

What if I tell you that your future can look like:

  • You being confident and co-parenting with the best interests of your kids as your clearest priority.
  • Feeling like a “better parent” because your stress levels are lower and you have more time and energy to be the kind of parent you care to be.
  • A warm and secure connection to your kids. Even when they have their tricky moments or ask hard questions about your separation, you’re calm and confident when to them.
  • Important family experiences (like weekend soccer games and birthday parties) being amicable. Heck, you and your co-parent might even sit together and share how proud you are of the kids you’re raising!
  • You are clear in the boundaries you hold.
  • Your children never being caught between the two of you. They see both of you as a secure, supportive base.

I completely believe that this can be your future. Even if you’re the only
one investing in the work right now.



Each week when I know there will be an interesting story or message about how to be a good parent and a great co-parent for our kids. It helps lighten the load by sharing how best to raise kids in separate households. I also enjoy drinking a cup of tea and taking time to read it over the weekend- as recommended. Keep up the good work Tiffany.

Jenni, Perth, WA

The weekly Co-Parenting Companion resources have been a timely source of support and guidance. I find it particularly helpful when they often preempt issues or events and provide practical examples of how to deal with them. Even when I’m on top of these issues, it’s reassuring that I haven’t overlooked anything.

Gregor, Regional WA

My husband is also a parent, co-parent and step-parent and the Co-Parenting Companion has provided the perfect platform allowing us to discuss, problem solve and understand each other’s views better.
Our relationship has benefited, our children benefit, and we now treat our weekly update from Tiffany as an opportunity to "check in" with each other and pat ourselves on the back.

Mel, Perth, WA

I have been a subscriber to the Co-Parenting Companion since its inception. My favourite thing is the stabilising effect Tiffany’s wise and balanced words have upon my parenting and co-parenting efforts.

Melissa, Perth, WA

With your support we got to a parenting agreement quickly, cheaply and relatively painlessly. I think your service is exactly what we needed and probably what many "new" co-parents need but don't necessarily find. My worst fear in embarking on this journey was that I would find myself separated from the children for some extended period while we worked through the logistics. With your support that did not happen and I feel more connected to the children at the moment than ever before.

Dave, Perth, WA

I knew that going to court was not the answer for our family, yet it appeared to be what you were ‘supposed’ to do. I can say I have successfully avoided that option thus far – but it has been a lonely journey. For years I have felt I was walking this path alone; a path that no one else was taking, and no one else quite understood. Until I came across Tiffany and Coparenting Companion. Feels like I have finally found the support network I have been looking for all this time!

Janet R.

Tiffany is that unbiased third party that genuinely has the children’s best interests at the forefront. I particularly like the phrase Tiffany uses of “Be the co-parent you wish you had.” Read that again. Now, read that again. It helps.

Liz, Regional WA

I feel less like I'm the only one. I feel like because we've chosen this journey of collaboration rather than court, that's the opposite of a lot of people.

It's awesome to have met other people walking that similar path. It took me a long long time to find something like this.

Katie B.

Co-Parenting Companion advice is helpful to navigate the road that I never imagined taking. The resources can be humorous at times, as well as informative, always interesting, and very useful for our situation.
The Co-Parenting Companion has helped me to be more aware of ways to improve my co-parenting.

Elizabeth, Regional WA

Co-Parenting Companion helps me confidently approach any co-parenting issue with the children’s best interests foremost and has provided me comfort when things haven’t gone so well. The balance of information, explanation and kindness provided in my weekly update is best described as the “fuel” I need for the sometimes long and stressful times that we can experience from time to time.

Melissa, Perth, WA
Tiffany sitting reclined on grey couch, leaning on peach pillow. She smiles and looks to camera, relaxed. Wearing mustard long sleeved top, grey watch and blue jeans.

Hi, I’m Tiffany

I am fierce about nurturing families so that children can thrive and parents can enjoy lives full of richness and connection with the people they care for the most.

I have seen too many parents exhausted and worn down by the struggles of navigating the early pathways of separation, with well-meaning friends often giving poor advice. Parents who had to make choices about spending money on legal fees instead of holidays and adventures with their kids.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


With two decades of experience supporting separated parents in collaborative co-parenting, I know that separation does not have to be a barrier to creating and sustaining a healthy co-parenting relationship – because I’ve repeatedly guided co-parents to that outcome.

Now is your time to move forward with confidence. You can set, hold and enjoy healthy boundaries with your co-parent – collaborating when you need to and having freedom from each other when you don’t.

Learn how to problem-solve and negotiate successfully so your children can thrive in their relationships with each of you, seamlessly transitioning from your care to your co-parent’s care and back again.

Inside our Programs, I can help you:

● Set and keep healthy boundaries so that 98% of your life does not involve thinking about your co-parent. Imagine having the mental space to take on new projects and hobbies that create the life you want to be living.

● Find easy ways to soothe yourself when your co-parent’s communication leaves you feeling wounded, stressed or angry so that you can release the emotional pain, connect back with the person you care to be, use shortcuts to de-escalate conflict and reach winnable solutions.

● Predict and plan for the trickier moments in your co-parenting calendar to reduce stress and increase your capacity to be fully present and engaged with your kids at the moments that matter most.

● Develop a child-focused Parenting Agreement, along with the skills for making it succeed without needing the threat of legal action.

● Develop action plans for successfully attending shared events, such as birthday parties and school performances.

● Have difficult conversations with your children, family, friends and co-parent.

● Work out what is developmentally normal for your child and signs they are struggling or at risk.

● Connect with other co-parents who share your vision and intention of having a healthy co-parenting dynamic after separation.

Explore How We Can Work Together

How do we tell the kids?

You and your partner have made the most difficult decision of your life, and now you want to make sure that you guide your children through this transition with grace and care. If you’re uncertain about the what, where, when, and how of breaking the news, our specialised consultation will provide you with guidance and clarity.

In this session with Tiffany, we’ll explore your personal circumstances and help you both develop an action plan for how and when to navigate this sensitive process.

Signature Program: Co-parenting INTENSIVE RESET

Find your confident, strong, unshakeable co-parenting identity.

With live coaching consultations tailored to your specific needs and our immersive online videos and lessons, the Intensive Reset is our Flagship Program guiding you to co-parenting excellence. Grounded in the science of human behaviour, combined with Tiffany’s twenty years of service to families in transition, this is our most affordable and accessible program to help you make the transition to relaxed, confident co-parenting.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary path of personal growth that will leave a lasting legacy.

Collaborative Coaching

You and your co-parent both want the same thing: kids that are thriving and healthy. But you have different ideas or perspectives on how to get there, and finding your way to a solution is not something the two of you do well together on your own.

Our Collaborative Coaching provides the expertise to bridge the gap. Avoid the pitfalls of costly legal battles and mediation by choosing a child-focused approach, working with an expert in child development, family systems and human behaviour.

Are you ready to drop the stress and co-parent with finesse?

I can’t wait to have you with me!