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For many years, I supported families who had been locked in the Family Court system for way too long. Parents have told me just how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they have poured into legal fees, parenting assessments, mediation, alternative dispute resolution conferences and finally, trial. The financial figures made my stomach turn, even more so as they tearfully told me about how it was often their own parent’s retirement funds they were borrowing to try and find a way out of conflict.

Don’t get me wrong, timely legal advice is critical, and working with a collaborative lawyer in the early stages may indeed help prevent much of a painful litigation pathway.

But the part I found most distressing was seeing the lines of exhaustion and grief etched into the faces of these parents who were nowhere near the end of the fight; and the toll on the children being caught in toxic conflict during the years that should be innocent and safe enough to grow up slow and secure.

Legal decrees don’t solve people problems – but Coaching can

In desperation, parents have lodged orders of contravention and recovery. They have fought to have words like “restrained from denigration” included in court orders in the desperate hope that somehow that will stop the toxic exposure for their children.

I’ve also worked with well-meaning parents who had no idea that some of the actions they were taking, for all the right reasons, were accidentally sustaining conflict, increasing loyalty splits for their children, and keeping that goal of collaborative co-parenting ever further away.

1:2 Co-Parent Coaching

In our 1:2 Coaching program, we engage both parents to find workable solutions that are sensitive to your family’s personal needs. We focus on strategies that work, with constant attention to the children’s best interests.

1:2 Co-parent Coaching is an excellent first-line strategy for co-parents motivated to:

✓ Foster a healthy co-parenting relationship.

✓ Establish or review a child-focussed Parenting Agreement.

✓ Cultivate healthy relationships for the children with both parents.

✓ Develop a culture of one family for the children across two homes.

Early engagement in Co-Parent Coaching will help you find developmentally attuned solutions for your unique family situation whilst saving you countless hours, immeasurable levels of stress, and literally tens of thousands of dollars.

Far from just supporting you to come up with a list of “rules” to govern your new co-parenting relationship, we will work together on the specific skills you need to:

✓ Resolve conflict quickly.

✓ Keep communication clear, concise and collaborative.

✓ Care for the children whilst they adjust to their new situation.

Mastery of healthy co-parenting is achieved by Coaching, not a Courtroom.

NB: 1:2 Coaching is not suitable if you are in or intend to pursue a litigation pathway or where there are allegations of abuse.

Managing co-parenting and parent-child relationships through and after the process of separation is hard.

At a time when you are often full of fear, rage, hurt, and disappointment, you are called upon to also uphold the relationship between your child and your co-parent, and navigate the tricky steps in protecting the healthy development of your children at the same time as figuring out what your own new lives are going to look like.

This is a journey you don’t need to do alone.

Self-Paced Training, Group Programs and 1:1 Coaching

Navigating co-parenting can feel like a high-wire act—managing your emotions, your kid’s emotions, financial pressure, and never enough hours in the day. The journey of co-parenting doesn’t have to be a path filled with confusion, stress, and isolation.

We are stronger when we stand together. We offer a range of online self-paced training, in-person group programs, and 1:1 Coaching to empower you to rewrite the narrative of your co-parenting experience.

Our programs are a good fit if you:

✓ Believe the kids should have a healthy relationship with both parents.
✓ Desire to be a clear, collaborative communicator.
✓ Are keen to hone your skills to be at your parenting and co-parenting best.
✓ Are motivated to resolve issues outside of the litigation pathway.

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